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Early Station direction signs were two sided enamels generally in an aluminium frame and held by brackets at the side. Below are two examples - both of which have lost their frames.


These turn up occasionally but much more common are the enamel signs brought in by BR after Nationalisation.

Enamel Station direction signs in the regional colours were put up as part of the BR resigning policy to help people find the station when wandering around the streets. They all have the same basic format of British Railways in totem at the top with an arrow and the information below. They were made as double sided box signs with a bracket generally coming out the side so that they could be mounted on a suitable piece of street furniture.

                They either just mention that there is a station if you follow the arrow                       

                   Or they give the name of the Station - sometimes giving the distance or in a few cases giving directions to two different stations that are close to each other.


The other type of sign gives more general information relating to the station


As with all BR enamels some regions had a lot more signs than others and this is reflected in the price.

Rarity Guide

For an ordinary Station sign with arrow only (rarest first). Prices are for a single sided sign in good condition.


Approximate Price guide

Scottish  Light blue


Southern - Green


North Eastern - Tangerine


Western - Brown


Midland - Maroon


Eastern - Dark Blue


One side of a Black experimental sign went through auction in 2002 and fetched 1150.

The best price in auction for a named direction sign was for the evocative BR(M) sign SHAP STATION.

This was sold in our February 2006 auction for a world record 3150!

For a list of the Top 5 Prices in Auction for BR Station Direction signs click here.  

Prices for named signs vary a great deal and relate to the desirability of the station name.

BR(S) named signs are the rarest - presumably because Suburban stations were easier to find.

Station direction signs are a manageable size & much more reasonably priced than totems & an excellent display of one of each colour can be put together without having to remortgage the wife!

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