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London Transport items have increased in popularity with collectors over the past few years and now appear in many collections. The most often seen items are enamel signs from underground stations that were taken down during refurbishment and were sold off in auction a in the early 1990s.


The most popular are small targets with the station name on an enamel plate with a brass surround. The earlier types were one-piece enamel plates with a brass surround (much rarer), which also included a very small version from the ticket office wall.


The later types were in 3 pieces again with a one-piece surround but with two centre bars. This was a more convenient pattern, as the half moon plates were standard with only the centre panel being for any particular station. Many stations still carry these type of signs so we can look forward to the auctions of the future! Similar much larger signs were also on the station platforms and these continue to be gradually replaced. Many of these signs lost their brass rims as they were sold off as scrap. Prices from 200 - 2000+.


Enamel frieze panels with the station name & with bands on the edges to denote the lines colours were used on all stations underground and now turn up on a regular basis, as also do the short end plates with the lines name. Prices from 20 - 100.

There are many other enamel signs available and if these had an arrow they can be dated by the number of feathers to the arrow the earliest having four.


Very collectable at the moment are the enamel destination boards that used to be carried on the front of underground stock. These come in a variety of forms and turn up regularly in nearly all auctions. Printed with destinations on either side & brass ends to slot onto the front of the leading coach they were in use for many years.  Prices range from 20  - 100+.


London Transport bus items are also regularly in the auction catalogue with bus stops and bus numbers being the most popular items. There is also a wide range of LT uniform enamel badges & these are also popular with collectors.

Many other items turn up at Railwayana auctions and these can be made into a very attractive display.

This is an area of collecting that can only increase in popularity and being at the moment relatively inexpensive may be one worth exploring.



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