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Updated June 2017

Railway Operational Items - Uniform

The main areas of interest to Collectors in this section are Cap Badges and the Buttons from the coats worn by Railway Staff. There is some interest in the uniforms themselves but as we now have huge heads and bodies it is difficult to find anything that can be worn and so these items tend to end up in museums!


Each Railway Company would produce buttons with the initials of the Company or Joint Company embossed on them and there are a number of collectors in this area. BR Buttons can be obtained very cheaply with common buttons only fetching a few pence. When you get into the earlier pre Big four Companies they call sell for hundreds of pounds if from an obscure Company. The buttons shown above are quite common and would sell for about 3 each.


The most collectable of the badges are BR enamel Cap Badges as they can be found in all six regional colours. The are three types being "Fishtail", "Totem" and "Lion over Wheel" and some examples of each are shown below. Prices vary according to scarcity and colour with the more unusual titles going for the highest prices.

There are also large quantities of pre grouping and pre nationalisation badges available and a selection are shown below.


Another collectable area in the Uniform Category are Railway armbands - generally made of enamel but also some were produced in brass. Examples are shown below - the BR ones are quite common and can be bought cheaply. The earlier pre Big 4 Grouping examples tend to be 50+


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