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Updated June 2017


Railway Tickets have been issued since the earliest days of the railways - starting as paper sheets sometimes handwritten. As the railway system expanded Thomas Edmondson came up with a card ticket about 2" x 1" that was first used on the Manchester & Leeds Railway. When the Railway Clearing House opened in 1842 these tickets were adopted for all railways. A special machine was designed by Edmondson that was bolted to the ticket office counter and when the ticket was inserted the date was stamped on.

The final Edmondson tickets were issued in February 1990.

 Many tickets have survived even from the early days as they were a very easily collectable item, particularly for youngsters, and were small enough to be stored away for a lifetime. The value generally increases with age but BR tickets can still fetch large sums 

Railway Tickets break down into two main types:-    1)      TRAVEL TICKETS

                                                                             2)      PLATFORM TICKETS

Both types being very collectable at this point in time. Prices vary from a few pence to many hundreds of pounds per ticket with ones from early station closures being the most sought after.

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