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Updated June 2017

Railway Advertising - Advertising Enamels

Railway stations from the earliest days have had many areas of their outdoor wall space, not needed for railway information, covered in Advertising enamels - the majority for Cigarettes and other smoking accessories.

  There was a wide range of styles and sizes and so these are now a very collectable area in there own right but are also sought after by many Railwayana Collectors. Generally the smaller the sign and the more attractive the image then the higher the price will be.

 A sample of Advertising enamels are shown above. There are plenty around with prices to suit all pockets - common ones can be obtained for as little as 20 and rare ones go into the 1000+ bracket. If you wish to try your hand at restoration these are a good place to start.

They can be found at most Railwayana auctions as well as in many general auctions around the Country but beware of going mad and running out of wall space.

There are a large number of collectors of enamel signs who don't specialise in Railway ones so this subject is better covered in websites and books dealing with advertising enamels.